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Friday, November 3, 2017



There's a new kid on the block! 


Not just for the athlete or health & wellness professionals, Foxery is a new peer to peer platform for users to get social regarding their own personal goals and progress.  Join and connect connect with other like minded people by sharing photos, articles, tips and more with the network


A feature that has the potential to be very useful is the option for users to join groups. Taking elements from the 'games' of Facebook and Instagram and creating a synergy in Foxery, the platform allows users to be a part of groups to have forum discussions with topics ranging from Crossfit and Cryotherapy to Meditation and Fasting, and subtopics within each category.


But why is FREEROLL writing about this you ask?  Because people can also connect with and get free tips from their favorite Professional athletes, like the multi-time world champion grapplers, the Mendes Brothers, who were a part of the product lunch.  


Check out The Mendes Bro on Instagram to see their video about Foxery!


Foxery is available for free download now on the iTunes App Store.  Visit the brand online at




Foxery is a free, peer to peer health sharing platform. Users share exercise, nutrition and wellness practices with friends, teammates, coworkers, classmates and other health enthusiasts. We believe there are many educated, convicted, health conscious people that aren’t necessarily instructors or trainers, and we want them to encourage, educate and inspire others. Currently, millions of people fail to share their healthy habits on instagram or Facebook because they don’t have thousands of followers and because those platforms are more geared towards displaying your best version. Foxery is a place where anybody can share their routines, learn from others and join focus groups to get more advice on a particular health and fitness topic. Many amateurs and regular gym goers are flocking to Foxery despite only being nine weeks old.


On November 3, 2017, The Mendes Bros (Guilherme and Rafael) showed their support of the app by creating profiles and getting many in their Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy to join. The brothers highlight the first major people from Jiu Jitsu to join, but apparently many other notable athletes will be joining soon. It is rare to find insights and tips from people for free, but Foxery has managed to do so because they truly want the experience to be focused on learning, sharing and encouraging one another. 




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