Mat Rust Ep. 04 - The Road to Recovery

Thursday, September 21, 2017



Continued from Mat Rust Ep. 03


The nurse tripped me out because he thought it was fractured and told me I couldn't even hike when I asked what can I do. The Doctor was cool but didn't leave me with any real answers other than either way, 6-8 weeks off, and discharged me without mention of fracture.  All I know is I left in pain, with a protuding rib and feeling sad because the wonders of technology all pointed out how it was 6-8 weeks rest and that most people rush back and make it worse.  


But I got over my ego and accepted it.  You get submitted, you don't dwell, you reflect, make the adjustment and get back to being present.  


I had other things to focus my attention on, like moving out of my home of the past four years. Moving with an injury was not fun but I looked at this way: Thank Love it wasn't my knee or shoulder.  That would have made my Life even more complex.


Life happens and this isn't my first significant injury in Jiu-Jitsu.  Concussions, popped joints, sprains, strains, tears, it just comes with the territory. But the body heals itself when we allow it to do so.  And while we can't train as hard or as often as we like, we can adapt.  


I watched more videos in the interim, I talked about Jiu-Jitsu as much as possible.  To the point my friends and colleagues who don't train are probably sick of it.  My boss actually mandated I do only yoga. 


I told him he couldn't pay me enough to stop training.


To aid in healing, I stretched and rested where I could.  I have a very busy life with work in general, .  And when I was finally able to sleep on my side, I put on the gi and did warm-ups, hip escapes, and bridges at home.  


And this week, I decided I would go back since it's been four weeks, returning with the mindset that over the next 2-4 weeks, I'm really going to pace it, focusing on the movements, technique, and drills, easing my way back into it rolling.  The looks on my colleagues faces was priceless when I told them but we can't live a Life in Fear of getting hurt.  Know your limits too.  That injury was my fault.  I know better to fight when something is forces me in another direction.  


And it's beautiful just to be in the gi and on the mat with my family, who understand, and in turn relate.  As I walked in and saw two of my brothers, one taping his fingers, another who had a popped ankle recently, there was just a confirmation that I was in exactly the perfect space in time here in the:



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