Mat Rust Ep. 03 - Revisited

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It didn't make sense to write about mat rust for a time because I was pushing myself to be consistent after five years away.  And I was!  So there is no need to Mat Rust.  


Or is there?


My goal was to train up to 5x/week, which I was able to hit fairly often since returning last November, and I made peace in the weeks where my work schedule, or need for recovery, took precedence and it less.  


I was stoked!  I weigh less now than when I competed seven years ago.  My movements are more fluid and I really felt like I was making great strides in growth on my understanding and practice of Jiu-Jitsu.  


It was a really nice feeling because while it's a bit crazy to write, Jiu-Jitsu saved my Life.  It came back at a time when I was getting smashed personally and professionally.  The physical practice of the gentle art mirrors my spiritual practice and I truly believe combining the two gave me the strength to roll through the adversity I faced.


Then it happened and here we are again, Dear Reader...


Just over a month ago, in a sparring session, I heard the timer go off with 30 seconds left.  It was a back and forth roll with my teammate, also aware of the round ending, so he attacked an arm bar. I kept my arm close, keeping a tight defense, making it to the end of the round, my only goal.  I walked my body to the side to attempt one last defense of rolling over.  At the same time, he went to kick my opposite arm and grip out.  


The only thing is his heel missed its mark and landed in my rib cage.  


Pop, crunch, IDK how to describe it and instantly knew something was wrong.  I reached to feel it and something was sticking out.  Getting helped off the mat, passing out on the side, then a trip to the ER later and the diagnosis was 6-8 weeks rest.  


To be Cont.

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