The Rise and Fall of the Tide

Monday, February 27, 2017

As the world turns amidst so many changes, 

let us remember to look back to the Source 

of All life and be renewed.

Through renewal, let our consciousness be cleansed,

that we may rise up to look upon the trials of this life 

together with a fresh perspective.

No matter the view that each turn of the Earth brings, 

Always be reminded to appreciate every new day. 

And with every new day, each turn of the Earth, 

always, always, always, always

always value Her.  


For if we truly and fully remember to care for Her, 

our home on this planet shall live on for generations, 

our families shall grow in harmony,


and perhaps someday 

the divide facing all people today

will be swept away like the rise and fall of the tide. 




Photos by Chloe Fonacier

Words by @menamejmaw




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