Maintaining Your Routine

Sunday, January 8, 2017


By Chloe Fonancier


What will you do this year to maintain the momentum that you had built over time, or even for the very first time in 2016? Or did you start all over from scratch when the clock hit 12AM on January 1st?


I am here to challenge you to not feel pressured to start all over again for the New Year. Even when friends or family around you might be talking about starting this new routine, or trying something they heard through the grapevine that accelerates the time that it takes to accomplish a fitness goal. Instead, you can merely take a look around at what you have already faced and overcome to get where you are at today. Be proud of the journey you have walked, all the battles won, and lost, because nobody else made it happen for you. 


No one else can tell you what success in your life this past year looked like. 


Success to one person could be showing up to train 3-4 times a week, every single week, no matter how challenging work or home life has been. While success to another could be decreasing the amount of time on the mats to 1-2 times per week, in order to properly heal an injury, or to be able to make it home on time to read their child a bedtime story. 


There is nothing wrong with these personal successes - they are PERSONAL. They have added way more value to your life than when you may have tried and fallen short trying to imitate or copy what has worked for somebody else. 


There is one component of life, that I have seen to make a difference in maintaining the momentum - awareness. 


Awareness: knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. 


Take your training for example. As a beginner, or even intermediate practitioner, what do you think about before the start of class? Possibly how many new techniques you will be trying to comprehend in the next 60 minutes. What if instead of trying to learn and memorize new things every single day, and compile a lot into your sparring, you become more aware of what you need to work on first in order to build up to the advanced moves. As you maintain your ability to execute foundational moves, you can then start to add to your toolkit of techniques.


By being aware of the level we are at, or what circumstances may be staring us right in the eyes, we are able to adjust to how we approach every single day.  


Imagine as you become more attuned to what is happening on the inside, then you will grow more attuned to what is happening on the outside. You will also be able to respond with great care and tact because you have allowed yourself to accept yourself right where you are at. You will stop comparing yourself to the guy or gal making feats in their training, nor looking at jumping into the fast lane because society encourages us getting there faster, and having more, is better. 


Really look within and find yourself feeling okay with what life is serving you at that time. Then in that state, being self aware in the present moment, you may find that breakthrough or enlightening moment that will push you to make the changes necessary to having fulfillment. 


In 2017, I genuinely wish you more self awareness in your life, to not merely react, but to instead respond with the boldness and the very essence of you, on and off the mat.  To not allow anyone else to make the sacrifices or adaptation to get what you need, but instead, you owning your Jiu-Jitsu. Owning your time with your loved ones. Owning what you value and what will propel you forward and grow you in both depth and intention. 

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